Guidance Notes on Handling Requests for
Information (RFIs) from Law Enforcement Agencies

Last Updated: 22 March, 2024


Quidax is more than just a platform; we're a dedicated team at Quidax Technologies Limited. We are Committed to transparency and integrity and are ready to assist Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) worldwide. In line with our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy Statement, and all pertinent laws, we ensure a seamless collaboration with authorities.

This document outlines the procedures for authorised law enforcement officers to engage with us, whether it's for information retrieval or account-related actions. Trust and compliance are paramount to us, and we're here to facilitate a smooth, secure process for all parties involved.


To help us process your request, please follow the steps below:

i. The fastest way is to send an email from an official government agency domain.
ii. Letters should be addressed to “Quidax Technologies Limited” and sent via email to [email protected].
iii. Expect to get a response from us within 72 hours after we’ve received your email. Please check your email's junk/spam folder if you do not receive our response.
iv. When sending an email, make sure to include the following information:

a. Your law enforcement agency's full name and legal authority with a Court Order.
b. Your official contact information.
c. Details of the incident under investigation, including the following:

  • All relevant wallet address(es) and transaction hashes (“TXID”), for the specific transaction(s) in a “.docx” format or a copyable “.pdf” format
  • Token type and amount for each transaction.
  • For complex cases, please state the total amount (in tokens and approximate value in USD) and include a breakdown.
  • Any relevant information from your findings, including details on the events in which the alleged victim was convinced to make the transaction.
  • Please share all requests and attachments in English.
  • In special cases, we would ask for more information to make sure that the release of information is lawful.


i. All disclosures made further to this Law Enforcement Request Guide are to be used strictly for the purpose for which it was shared in compliance with applicable data protection laws.
ii. Where you need us to freeze a customer’s wallet, we would not disclose to the customer that it was frozen at the request of law enforcement.
iii. In certain circumstances, we may need your approval to let the customer know that their account has been frozen based on a directive from your agency.
iv. We need a court order to continue to freeze a customer's account for an extended period.


Fraud related cases should be sent to [email protected]